Every day brings new technologies, many of which are disruptive to traditional business models. For example, The Internet of Things (IoT) is not only making the world more connected – it’s also accelerating competition. By 2020, more than 30 billion 'things' will be connected, collecting and transmitting data – and creating huge opportunities for global enterprises. In just this one example, it’s estimated that the industrial internet alone will add up to $15 trillion to the global GDP over the next two decades.

Another major trend: big data. Soon the volume of data your company collects will increase on a massive scale. The size and cost of the IT infrastructure you’ll need to maintain, analyse and utilise that data will dwarf what you and your customers now have and spend.

It’s a pivotal time for enterprises and service providers around the world.

In the past, companies invested the time, energy, talent and capital required to build, maintain and upgrade their own infrastructure. But, with the development of scalable digital technologies, the landscape today is quite different. Today, business leaders are working to leverage the digital revolution more strategically. Today, IT is less about holding on to your own infrastructure and more about unfolding your new business strategy.

At Tata Communications, we have a range of solutions to empower enterprises and partner with service providers.

We recognise that our customers are faced with the challenges of accessing new markets, increasing scale and reach, structuring their IT to respond quickly to dynamic market change all whilst maintaining security and control. So we continually invest in our infrastructure with your business priorities in mind, offering you state-of-the-art global IP and voice networks, mobility, cloud & data centre services, and media and entertainment services. With our global infrastructure and engineered solutions, you can scale up or down as needed, and pay only for what you use. And we can provide these services on five continents in both major business centres and remote corners. 

Tata Communications is a global leader in a New World CommunicationsTM, delivering 24% of the world’s internet traffic over our network to more than 240 countries and territories. Our Tier-1 IP backbone is ranked in the top five on five continents, and our customers can reach 99.7% of global GDP using our network. We also offer unrivalled local expertise as well. We have an extensive presence within many regions, not to mention an ever-increasing footprint through our owned global infrastructure and our partnerships.

That’s why a number of the world’s top enterprises and service providers already choose Tata Communications to help them meet new market challenges and acheive their business goals. Talk with us today to learn more.