IZO™ Private Connect links businesses to cloud services over MPLS through one single provider globally. 

Through a global partner interconnect arrangement under the AWS Direct Connect program with Amazon Web Services, Azure™ ExpressRoute program with Microsoft®, and Salesforce companies now have access to a one-stop-shop for end-to-end management to ensure network performance and end-user experience. 

As part of a cloud enablement platform, companies tap into an entire global ecosystem that provides secure, high performance connections between enterprises, cloud service providers and third-party data centre partners. 

Accelerate performance

IZO™ Private Connect provides guaranteed network and stable application performance, via easy cloud access for MPLS and Ethernet customers. The service is speedy to provision, and ensures security and data protection with private connections over Ethernet and MPLS. 

  • Predictable: Get guaranteed throughput and availability, with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and consistent network performance.
  • Simplified: Reduce the complexity of network management with a single global relationship that is fully managed, with a single bill, and 24/7/365 customer service.
  • Seamless: Connect to the top public clouds and data centres over our global Tier-1 network — one site to multiple hubs.
  • Secure: Protect enterprise data while enjoying dedicated network capacity and high speeds


United States Europe APAC
Ashburn (x7) New York (x4) Amsterdam (x3) Hong Kong (x3)
Atlanta (x1) Palo Alto (x1) Frankfurt (x5) Tokyo (x4)
Chicago (x4) San Jose (x3) London (x3) Singapore (x4)
Dallas (x5) Santa Clara (x1) Paris (x1) India (x3)
Los Angeles (x2) Sunnyvale (x2)   Taipei (x1)

 Ethernet connectivity to Tata Communications’ data centres and across 50 third-party data centres globally