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Unified Communications. On your terms.

We’ve just taken Unified Communications far beyond video conferencing to give you a new, dynamic, and incredibly productive working environment.

It’s communications that lets you collaborate in new ways with team members, partners, suppliers, and customers. It’s communicating, sharing ideas and information, and working more efficiently using chat, instant messaging, presence, web video, global work group meetings, document sharing, managed services, and more all on the same platform.

We made it a more creative environment with an open API that lets you easily produce new user interfaces, add-on apps, and extensions to make your communications more feature rich, customized, and productive.

We also made it more cost efficient so businesses can leverage existing Unified Communications investments with a pricing model that charges per person instead of per port, and with flexible terms that provide outstanding economies of scale.

It’s Unified Communications that makes your enterprise more agile, able to create new opportunities faster, meet customer needs in ways, and achieve new operational efficiencies. And it all runs at the speed of light over the world’s largest fibre network with 210,000 km of terrestrial and subsea fibre, the only fibre ring around the world, and more than 1 million square feet of data center space in 44 locations on three continents. It’s communication and collaboration in ways never before possible—all on your terms.


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