Content Delivery Network

We enable content owners to deliver superior experiences

Customers’ content, customers’ control. 

Tata Communications’ content delivery network (CDN) is a cloud-based service for accelerating Web content, videos, and live streams to audiences around the globe. Enterprises are able to reduce page load times, eliminate video buffering, and deliver HD live streams on the world’s only Tier 1 CDN. Best of all, your customers can expand their audiences and grow revenue with delivery to PCs, laptops, iOS, Android, Blackberries, set-top boxes, and more.

Our CDN services include Web site acceleration for the accelerated delivery of wide variety of Web content from your origin, cloud service account or our origin, including HTML, CSS, java, images, video, and more. We also offer LiveBroadcast for near real-time deliver of live streaming content.

Our CDN is seamlessly integrated with other support services, including security, satellite teleports, our fibre based video network (Video Connect), transcoding and more. 

To know more, visit our CDN site.

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