Session leader: Ellen Levy

The Summit comes to a climax with a rapid-fire, high-intensity session that will engage your creativity, your business and what you have learned over the past couple of days. In this session you will team up with fellow CEO delegates to brainstorm the design of an intelligent machine.This machine will be based on proven technology and will resolve a real-world problem – or create new opportunity – for the enterprise. Each team will present their “machine” to all the delegates who will cast their vote for the best idea. 

The session is facilitated by IT industry luminary Ellen Levy. Ellen is managing director of Silicon Valley Connect, a business that identifies the potential for and then drives “networked innovation” across multiple organisations and entrepreneurs.
Before the brainstorm, teams will be grounded in Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality and Robotics by the experts whose innovations are on show at the Summit. These experts will also advise the teams as they develop their ideas. Finally, they will present a subjective analysis as to the practicality of the winning “machine”.

And that winning idea won’t be left on the drawing board. Tata Communications will create a “Moonwalk” project team to explore the idea further. The project will draw from all relevant technology disciplines and all delegates are invited to have their enterprise participate.
This is a dynamic session will conclude with a look at what we have learnt over the last two days and in the context of live examples from industry, we’ll explore the potential for AI in our businesses in greater detail.