Jack D. Hidary

Jack D. Hidary is a successful serial tech entrepreneur.

In 1995, established EarthWeb a company dedicated to the needs of tech professionals. Jack co-founded the company with Murray Hidary and Nova Spivack. Jack led the company from its inception through three rounds of investment and then its IPO. Under Jack’s leadership, EarthWeb acquired Dice.com, a website that connects users with jobs, and other sites dedicated to the needs of IT professionals. As Chairman and CEO of the public company, Jack continued to grow the company and engage with shareholders, customers and analysts.  (NYSE: DHX)  www.dice.com

Jack now serves as Senior Advisor to Google X Labs, the advanced innovation lab of Alphabet/Google.  www.solveforx.com In his current role, Jack focuses on the marketplace scaling of X Lab innovations.

Jack is the co-founder and Chairman of Samba Energy, a leading marketplace for commercial solar projects and financing. Samba’s marketplace has driven down the cost of commercial solar and thus increased the ROI for companies using the market for their solar programs.  www.sambaenergy.com

Committed to community and philanthropic causes, he has received several industry and community awards as well as being recognized as a Global Leader of Tomorrow at the World Economic Forum, Davos. He is also a founding member of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). CGI was founded by Bill Clinton to bring government together with the private sector and non-profits to solve the big problems of our day.  He serves on several boards including the X Prize Foundation www.xprize.org

Jack studied philosophy and neuroscience at Columbia University and was awarded a Stanley Fellowship in Clinical Neuroscience at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Under the fellowship, he conducted research on the use of neural networks to model and analyze the data in functional neuroimaging using techniques such as positron emission tomography (PET) and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) to study brain states.

Jack is a regular guest on business and tech channels such as Bloomberg, CNBC and CNN.   http://bloom.bg/26jlgmy