One company, one world, one voice network.

Building block for UC ecosystem

Interoperable with market-changing Microsoft Lync software

Introducing Global SIP Connect, which links your organisation and the world, using our global IP network to carry all of your voice needs.

As a global enterprise, you’re challenged with providing high-quality, reliable, end-to-end voice and video collaboration services for your diverse global workforce. But using disparate networks and different vendors in each nation is complicated, costly and inefficient – with no way to assure high quality communications worldwide.

The solution is Global SIP Connect. This innovative service connects your enterprise to the world over our state-of-the-art IP network that makes global voice and video communications and collaboration simpler, easier to manage, and more economical than ever before.

We are also offering new multimodal functionality on Global SIP Connect – an industry first. This innovative capability transports enterprise video collaboration traffic on SIP trunks, unifying voice and video services traffic on a single network access link, eliminating the complexity of provisioning bandwidth in virtual private networks and internet circuits – all on an economical pay-as-you-go model.

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 Manage better
We handle both your domestic and international voice and video needs with a single contract, SLA, and billing covering 22 countries with international termination in over 240. You enjoy an end-to-end managed service with centralised performance monitoring and reporting with visibility and administrative control through portal and API access.

You also enjoy outstanding performance and reduced complexity through centralised voice and video connectivity and simplified networking that minimises WAN capacity needs and scalability challenges. In addition, by unifying voice and video traffic on a single network access link, SIP multimodal eliminates the need for multiple links for each service. It enables secure video calls without exposing your communications to Public IP over the Internet, safeguarding against malicious attacks

In addition, you save money on licence charges per location and can add sites without deploying additional hardware and scale bandwidth as needed. By consolidating UC equipment at a central site, you can efficiently manage all your global voice services with a single view of your entire voice network. This also eliminates complexity in provisioning bandwidth for video traffic in VPNs and internet circuits and establishing on-premise security and interop equipment.

What’s more, to make your job easier, we provide complete technical, operational, and administrative support for both your local and international voice and video services.

 Communicate smarter
Enjoy optimal global collaboration with local and long distance calling and video meetings from home, office, and on the move.* Global SIP Connect provides seamless interoperability across various voice and video platforms, including Cisco, Skype for Business**, and Polycom, for a consistent user experience between offices, making the most out of existing legacy investments.

In addition, SIP multimodal enables secure, unscheduled, B2B and intra-company, point-to-point video calls, eliminating the need to join a bridge or virtual room. Video traffic is delivered through a multimodal PoP closest to your location, ensuring optimal Quality of Experience (QoE) and 99.95% reliability. Looking ahead, as more and more enterprises move to our multimodal SIP trunking exchange, it will create a worldwide PSTN equivalent for video calls.

 Save more
With Tata Communication handling both your domestic*** and international calling, you enjoy economical, volume-based pricing. Simply pay as you go, scaling to meet demand by offloading traffic to our SIP cloud. You eliminate the risk of over or under provisioning internet and WAN bandwidth, while enjoying cost savings of 30% to 55%*.

With our global reach, alliances, and massive volume, we can also offer you the most competitive off-net pricing and lower international calling costs. Even better, with SIP trunking you save even more since you need less hardware and have less to design, configure, administer and maintain. And since Global SIP Connect is interoperable with existing technology, you also save on upgrading legacy TDMs and IP-based PBXs.

* Cost savings may go up or down based on traffic, pattern, number of sites and expected quality of service.
** Video calls on Skype for Business will be supported by Q1 CY2017.