Session leader: Vinod Kumar, MD and Group CEO, Tata Communications and guest speaker David Coulthard, MBE

We make no apologies for drawing the analogy between Formula One and our businesses. They use the same vocabulary: global, hi-tech, performance, hyper-competitive, team, reliability, agility and the desire to win.

F1 drivers are supremely fit and agile — physically and mentally. While relying on instinct, experience and skill, they must also have an intimate knowledge of the technology that surrounds them and underpins their personal performance. Above all, they are at the pinnacle of a team they must trust (with their lives) and from which they must extract maximum effort and performance if they are to succeed.

And so we can think of no better individual to introduce the concept of being “race-fit” than Formula One driver and sporting icon, David Coulthard.

From 1996 to 2008 David drove for Williams Renault, McLaren Mercedes and Red Bull Racing amassing a total of 13 outright victories, 61 podiums and 535 championship points to become the highest scoring British driver of all time. He first drove professionally in 1989 and competed in Touring Car competitions until 2012.

Today Coulthard is a pundit for the BBC’s TV coverage of Formula One and a successful hotelier. Together with a number of high profile luxury properties, he is involved with ‘SnoozeBox’ — an innovation in major event accommodation where comfortable bedrooms made from recycled containers are brought together to create an instant, portable hotel.

David’s perspectives and observations from his pole position will resonate with us all.