Composite image CEO Summit | ASCOT 2015 | June 29th-30th


  • Act: Using Technology to Positively Disrupt
    Jack Hidary
    A founder of the Clinton Global Initiative and advisor to Google X Labs
  • Organise: Re-Inventing Leadership with a Re‑Invented Workforce
    Dr Lynda Gratton
    Professor of Management Practice at London Business School
  • Stamina: Staying the Course
    Mark Thompson
    Investor, best-selling author and co-founder of Sir Richard Branson’s network for coaching and innovation
  • Innovate: Creating a Place for Innovation and Growth
    Scott Anthony
    Author and serial advisor for innovation in large corporations


  • Feedback
    Delegates give their reaction to the event
  • Impact
    Delegates talk about the impact of innovation
  • Environment
    Delegates talk about the environment in which innovation can thrive
  • Leadership
    Delegates talk about the role of leadership to drive innovation
  • Partnerships
    Delegates discuss the role of partnerships in driving innovation


Delegates talk about how to be “race-fit to lead and innovate”

  • Vinod Kumar
    Chief Executive Officer
    Tata Communications Group
  • Jean Luc Butel
    Former President
    Baxter Healthcare (Asia) Pte Ltd
  • Simon Davies
    VP — APAC
  • Dr Wolfgang Epple
    Director of Research and Technology
    Jaguar Land Rover
  • Dr Nirmalya Kumar
    Group Executive Council
    Tata Sons Ltd.
  • Hernan Lopez
    President and CEO
    Fox International Channels
  • Shachindra Nath
    Chief Executive Officer
    Religare Enterprises Limited
  • Nishant Rao
    Country Manager — India
  • Sandip Sen
    Global Chief Executive Officer
    Aegis Limited
  • Joshua Tetrick
    CEO and Founder
    Hampton Creek Foods