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Preparing for a low-carbon future
As our business develops, environmental considerations remain a priority, and we are committed to reducing our operational impact on the environment. We have incorporated a precautionary approach towards environmental and climate risk identifications and continuously work on programmes to conserve natural resources and reduce our carbon emissions. We focus our efforts towards the improving efficient use of energy, water, and other resources, as well as recycling practices. We comply with national and international environmental regulations.

Environment Management

Our commitment towards environmental sustainability is guided by the company’s Environmental Policy. We implement our environmental strategy through the Environmental Management System (EMS) that is in conformance to the ISO 14001:2015 standard. These standard guidelines help us to track, manage and continuously improve our environmental systems. We have institutionalised programmes that identify and mitigate the environmental impact of our operations and services. The review of our EMS ensures that the company’s policy commitments are upheld in our operations. Furthermore, it has proved helpful in the evaluation of compliance with environmental laws in India and globally. Our system also helps us to review environmental objectives and targets, needs and expectations from our stakeholders, and training requirements in a comprehensive manner.

Climate Change and Energy

Our approach on energy use and climate change is informed by our Environment Policy, the Tata Code of Conduct, and the Tata group’s climate change policy. Reducing carbon emissions and responding to climate change has been our mission for more than a decade now, and our actions have positioned us as an industry leader in addressing both the risks and the opportunities that climate change and energy transition present. Additionally, we annually participate in CDP reporting that reflects our full understanding of climate change issues and how it affects our company. We are focused on an accelerated transition to low-carbon energy products, as well as pragmatic investment in renewable energy options to mitigate the ongoing large-scale combustion of coal, oil, and gas. We have made some strategic shifts in implementing several energy efficiency measures, and this recognition reaffirms our focus on climate change issues. We are taking an active and constructive role in evolving new climate change policy solutions with governments, industry associations, environmental organisations, and communities.

As a digital ecosystem enabler, we aim at linking business, environment and society through innovative and low-carbon products and solutions. We offer and are further developing a range of low-carbon products and services from our Network, IoT, Media Entertainment Service, Cloud, Business Collaboration business streams so as to enable our customers to conserve energy and reduce GHG emissions and cost barriers.

Resource Management & Environmental Conservation

Our operations and facilities are aligned with the ‘3R’s of resource management – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Water is a necessary component in the operation of our facilities and an indispensable part of the daily life of our communities. Therefore, it’s critical to manage the resource carefully for our communities and operations, as well as for future generations. We are committed to minimising the use of fresh water in our operations. Technology has enabled us to monitor and control water consumption more efficiently. Interventions such as sensor-based taps and aerators have been undertaken in various facilities which reduce our domestic water consumption. In a water-stressed country like India, the recycling and efficient use of water becomes essential. Hence, we have installed Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) at our major facilities for water recycling and reuse.

Effective waste management across facilities is an integral part of our sustainability strategy. We focus primarily on waste minimisation to reduce our overall waste generation. We emphasize efficient and environmentally friendly end-of-life disposal methods to minimise the waste generated; thereby, reducing waste that enters landfills. Waste management not only generates savings but is an opportunity for value-creation through improved process efficiency, higher savings through resource conservation, and optimal reuse of raw materials.

  • People

    Our employees drive our business through their dedication and spirit of innovation, backed by a supportive and inclusive workplace. We meet and resolve challenges together. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on any grounds. We provide our people an open, safe and motivating work environment that fosters their abilities and helps them grow through learning and development.

  • Community

    Alone or together? For over 150 years, the Tata Group has always served as a custodian of the public good. At Tata Communications, we believe that our role as a Digital Ecosystem Enabler calls on us to grow with the communities, in which we operate.

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