The rapid development of technology is enabling automakers to realise the huge potential of the data from connected vehicles and provide a better experience to drivers and passengers, by identifying opportunities for new services. While this is fundamental for the industry, the reality is there are still many challenges associated with achieving global vehicle connectivity, including:

Balancing the requirements of cost optimization, service quality, cyber-security, and seamless connectivity are challenges to be overcome. Automobile manufacturers have limits imposed on the services they can offer, due to the lack of a carrier-neutral connectivity partner that can apply innovative solutions, while providing a clear, unified view of connected services.

While the core essence of any connected vehicle programme is to connect a vehicle to a network, the reality is that there is far more complexity involved.

A connectivity partner that can confidently answer these questions with a unified, connected solution can amplify your efforts and lead your business on the road to a coherent, connected transformation. This empowers you to achieve your business objective and steer your automotive business on the road to your automotive utopia.