The piece-meal approach associated with individual connectivity agreements prevents you from delivering a consistent quality of service to your customers. Automakers can overcome these challenges by adopting embedded connectivity solutions which are built by focusing on factors such as government mandates, cost optimization, and quality of service. From making decisions about the user interface and service management to choosing which partner is best suited to provide vehicle connectivity and communications services - each decision is crucial with long-term implications due to the potentially long lifespan of vehicles.

If you want to eliminate these complexities and empower your vehicles with a comprehensive approach to connectivity, a single platform with the right telemetry is needed. A unified, platform-based approach to vehicle connectivity management removes the operational complexity and saves the considerable effort of managing each individual piece in the mosaic of global connectivity agreements.

Tata Communications MOVEā„¢ Intelligent Connected Vehicle Platform provides your vehicles with seamless connectivity while enabling you to monitor, control and derive insights into vehicle and connectivity performance.