With Tata Communications MOVE™ Intelligent Connected Vehicle Platform, you are assured of the right connectivity and intelligence being in place to manage and control vehicle connectivity from one unified interface. The platform ensures seamless connectivity for a range of connected vehicle applications and services, including OTA updates, Location-aware services, telematics services and infotainment. As the automotive landscape changes due to changing regulations, new technologies or other unexpected situations, Tata Communications' solutions are there to lead you on the road to automotive utopia.

Our combined expertise in the automotive industry and with global connectivity empowers your business with an effective connected automobile strategy. We help you critically evaluate your vehicle and connectivity performance, security and compliance across your entire global presence. By accurately measuring connectivity criteria across multiple network element sources, we also enable you to identify and resolve issues that might occur. At Tata Communications, we have the right technology and experience to help you manage your connected vehicle programme, boost your business growth and enhance efficiency through varied, interlinked propositions, including: Single Pane of Glass, Intelligent Connectivity, and Firmware/Software over the Air (OTA) Optimization.


As the realm of automobile connectivity expands, manufacturers have become more dependent on multiple connectivity partners while operating in a global market scenario. This presents an array of operational and cost challenges, such as onboarding and integration of local MNOs in different geographies, monitoring network performance and efficiency, and maintaining cost objectives and profitability.

Tata Communications MOVE™ Intelligent Connected Vehicle Platform abstracts these challenges by providing maximum visibility of vehicle connectivity empowering you to monitor, manage and control different MNO platforms from one portal. Our differentiated approach helps manage all connected vehicle services globally, regardless of the connectivity technology or the local service provider involved. Our unified interface also captures and analyses vehicle data and usage insights across multiple dimensions to help enhance services and develop new features.

  • Increase operational efficiency with maximum control and visibility about connectivity performance across your global MNO partnerships using a unified portal with integrated analytics tools
  • Generate new revenue streams by enhancing services and developing products based on connected vehicle usage insights
  • Provide the highest quality of connectivity and maintain cost objectives with the flexibility to choose from 640+ MNO partnerships across 200 countries and territories
  • Reduce overhead administration and service inconsistencies inherent in a multi-service provider environment


Today, OEMs require differing levels of connectivity and resiliency according to use case requirements. This can be based on geography, local connectivity requirements or cost objectives. Regulations governing connectivity differ from country to country. Vehicles cross international borders, so providing drivers with a seamless experience regardless of location becomes difficult. In a global market scenario, this requires agreements with multiple local MNOs and increases complexity.

Tata Communications MOVE™ Intelligent Connected Vehicle Platform is a truly carrier-agnostic platform that can switch traffic between networks based on location, cost, quality of service or local connectivity requirements. Our solutions help you to identify and resolve potential connectivity issues and ensure critical connectivity during network outages. Proactive analytics and monitoring help you to diagnose and apply intelligence to prevent connectivity issues. Collectively, this shields your business from reputational damage due to negative customer experiences by harnessing the capability to switch traffic between various networks, based on cost objectives, network quality and local connectivity requirements.

  • Achieve a global connectivity footprint with the flexibility to choose from multiple MNOs across different geographies and switch network traffic as and when required
  • Ensure the highest quality of connectivity with 24x7 network quality monitoring
  • Provide the highest quality of connectivity and maintain cost objectives with the flexibility to choose from 640+ MNO partnerships across 200 countries and territories
  • Avoid a poor customer experience by maintaining critical connectivity during network outages



Providing reliable SOTA updates in the age of connected vehicles requires automotive OEMs to utilize high quality network connectivity solutions. Although this translates into new opportunities to deliver a higher quality of service across various use cases and a considerable cost saving window, practical challenges around high- quality connectivity and cybersecurity need to be addressed. Low/No connectivity zones and cellular data costs hinder the download of large volume updates required for various SOTA use cases. At the same time, increased network interaction makes vehicles vulnerable to potential cyber-attacks.

Tata Communications MOVE™ Intelligent Connected Vehicle Platform optimizes SOTA updates by performing a pre-update connection quality health-check, to ensure the network is ready. A country-specific intelligent algorithm selects the best-suited network partner from our global MNO partnerships that helps you to improve the success rate of SOTA updates. Our AI-based network profiling identifies the optimum window to facilitate secure and smooth SOTA updates. At Tata Communications, we have unlocked the true potential of SOTA to further enhance the connected vehicle experience for the end-consumer.

  • Provide an enhanced driver experience, by enabling SOTA updates for improvement in the quality of vehicle - for example, increase in fuel efficiency and ensuring up-to-date services such as updated navigation apps
  • Detect the optimal window to push SOTA updates through our API trigger that chooses the best network and time for the update, resulting in an increased success rate
  • Choose from our 640+ global MNO partnerships to get the best rate for one-off volumes
  • Leverage our API trigger to push SOTA updates without blocking other connected vehicle services
  • Build new revenue streams by offering customers the opportunity to purchase upgrades and value-added services

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