Let’s get started on your Cloud Security journey!

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  • Check
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  • 1. Which of these cloud services are you using, or planning to use in the future?

  • 2. Compared to traditional, on-premise IT environments, would you say the risk of security breaches in a cloud environment is ….

  • 3. How confident are you in your organisation’s current cloud security posture?

  • 4. Is your security policy consistent across your digital estate – whether that’s on-premise or on cloud?

  • 5. If you secure your workloads (VMs and container instances) on-premise, how important is continuous compliance when they migrate to the cloud?

  • 6. In your opinion, are cloud apps / SaaS (such as Salesforce and Office 365) more or less secure than on-premise applications?

  • 7. Please rate the native security controls provided by cloud service providers.

  • 8. How well do you think your traditional network security tools will work in cloud environments?

  • 9. How confident are you that your current IT security staff will be able to manage security for your cloud environment?

  • 10. Do your cloud procurement processes cover cloud security requirements?

  • 11. What types of corporate information do you store in the cloud? (Select all that apply)

  • 12. How confident are you that no unsanctioned apps are being used across your company?

  • 13. How are you currently addressing the causes of cloud misconfigurations?

  • 14. How do you protect data in the cloud?

  • 15. Where are you continuously discovering sensitive data across your digital estate?

  • 16. When will you start taking the steps to comply with the upcoming Data Protection Bill?

  • 17. How are you managing the security of your data and devices in the current work-from-home model, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • 18. Identity and governance Have you enabled multi-factor authentication (MFA) for internal and external users?

  • 19. Where are you currently using single sign-on for your employees?

  • 20. Are you using real-time user sign-in risk detections when evaluating access requests? (Sign-in risk represents the probability that a given identity or account is compromised)

  • 21. What security capabilities have you deployed in the cloud?

  • 22. When was the last time you conducted a cloud security assessment?

  • 23. Is your security team involved in the creation and implementation of your cloud governance policy framework?

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