Developing a digital-first operating model for Manufacturing 

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Rethinking manufacturing communication

The manufacturing industry has leapt into the race to digitization, and our study indicates that most are still on their first leg of their journey. 80% indicate they’re in the execution phase of their digital transformation strategies but fewer than half are even halfway through the transformation process.

Pan-organization Connectivity
See why for digital-first operations, connectivity needs to go from single plant to pan-organisation

Shop-floor Communications
Discover how focus is shifting from plant instrumentation to shop-floor workforce communication

Growing Security Concerns
Understand growing concerns about data security and digital trust

The CXO view

The CXO view

57% of manufacturing organisations are not even half-way through their digital transformation, with only 1% fully digitising business processes

50% are prioritising the digitisation of paper-based and whiteboard shop-floor approaches, as they shift focus from machine instrumentation to worker productivity

The CXO view
The CXO view

Only 17% respondents consider supply chain security as a significant challenge over other security concerns



Key findings

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