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Building a Cloud-Enabled Enterprise

IDC's study reveals how Cloud becomes the essential foundation for all new solutions – the value of which goes above and beyond simple cost savings.

Finding the value of Cloud

To quantify the impact of Cloud on IT operations and business strategy, IDC conducted a study on organizations in India leveraging Tata Communications’ IZOTM Cloud Platform and Services. The analysis demonstrates how organisations captured significant value from engaging with us as a trusted end-to-end cloud partner. This value not restricted to impacting IT alone but also resulting in many significant business benefits such as:

  • 95% improvement in unplanned downtime
  • 90% faster deployment of new compute resource
  • 2.5M incremental revenue by better addressing of business opportunities and many more

Exploring the BV Paper report

IDC’s study reveals how enterprises grew revenue by better addressing business opportunities using Tata Communications’ IZOTM Cloud Platform and Services

IDC’s study reveals how enterprises significantly minimised unplanned downtime leveraging Tata Communications’ IZOTM Cloud Platform and Services

IDC’s study shows how enterprise IT improved resource effectiveness, delivering value to new business initiatives using Tata Communications’ IZOTM Cloud Platform and Services

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Customer Testimonials for IZO™ Cloud Platform & Services
Improving Productivity & Agility
Improving Resource Effectiveness
Improving Business Performance & Minimize Downtime Risk

Customer testimonials

The decision to partner with Tata Communications was driven primarily by their efficiency in managing their environment by skilled staff who understand technology. Importantly, they also understood our business. This saves us with the pain of finding the right people with the right skills, as well as save additional spend.

- Group CIO, A Leading Logistic Company

Tata Communications enabled us in easy and scalable hardware upgrades, thereby significantly improving bandwidths of the resources.

- Director-IT, Leading Financial Services

Our unplanned downtime did impact our business and we actually lost a few customers. Tata Communications has enabled us to achieve zero unplanned downtime from about three-four incidents per month before.

- CEO, Leading IT Services Company

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