TATA 150

Let's get started on your cloud journey!

  • Cloud Strategy
  • Infrastructure Readiness
  • Governance
  • Application Lifecycle
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • IT Service Management
  • Does your organisation have a strategy for using cloud computing?

  • What are the business drivers for adopting cloud computing?

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  • What are the barriers in leveraging cloud computing in your organisation?

  • Who makes cloud investment and adoption decisions in your organisation?

  • Are you currently using cloud service providers for analytics and big data to gain insights for better decisions?

  • Which cloud service model would your organisation prefer?

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  • What cloud service is your organisation most interested in?

  • How prepared is your organisation's IT infrastructure to leverage the cloud?

  • Have you conducted any form of workload assessment?

  • What percentage of your IT budget is dedicated to the cloud?

  • What percentage of your infrastructure is deployed on the cloud?

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  • How disciplined is your organisation in complying with business and IT governance standards and controls?

  • To what extent are IT processes and frameworks standardised across business units?

  • Do you have compliance requirements that need to be adhered to deploy workloads and data in the cloud?

  • How would you characterise the success of application deployments in the cloud?

  • Do you have a governance approval process for leveraging cloud models?

  • To what extent have you implemented DevOps in your organisation (build, deploy, manage)?

  • Which of your business process-related applications are hosted in the cloud?

  • Do you have APIs exposed for internal or external consumption?

  • Do you have plans to use containers as part of application development and deployment?

  • Have you automated backup and disaster recovery?

  • Have you deployed hybrid cloud in your organisation?

  • Are you building new cloud-native workloads to be moved to the public cloud?

  • Who is currently managing your IT and application assets?

  • To what extent do you use tools or frameworks for developing applications?

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