3CLogic uses our Global SIP Connect solution for its cloud contact centres

Case study



3CLogic is a leading provider of innovative cloud-based contact centre services depended on by end-customers for worldwide requirements.

The company was looking to enhance its cloud contact centre experience and differentiate itself against stiff global competition by offering dependably seamless voice connectivity.

The challenge was to find a flexible solution that would meet unique end-customer needs, drive customer loyalty with high quality and low latency, while at the same time ensure easy scale-up to support global expansion.



The solution offers dependable execution and management, while at the same time driving assured high performance.



3CLogic partnered with Tata Communications to create a seamless Global SIP Connect solution that connect their business to the world over our state-of-the-art IP network to make global voice and video communications and collaboration simpler, easier to manage, and more economical.

By eliminating the complexity of provisioning bandwidth in virtual private networks and internet circuits, 3CLogic was able to deliver both local and international toll-free, direct inward dial, call queuing, and interactive voice response with global reach to/from public cloud-hosted 3CLogic contact centres.

The solution offers dependable execution and management, while at the same time driving assured high performance.



Using the Tata Communications Global SIP Connect, 3CLogic was able to offer high IP voice quality with low latency, far below the 120 millisecond standard in order to offer its customers the best user-experience possible.

The solution offered high performance even in poor public Internet access areas, regardless of global location, while at the same time proving to offer scalability some 25% faster than other providers, so driving future growth.

This is underpinned by the unique end-customer architecture that is needed for many private/hybrid cloud environments, so adding further efficiencies to the business.


“Tata Communications is about the best service provider I have ever dealt with. It can reach all the places we need and its time to deliver is typically 25 per cent less than other operators.”

Robert Killory, Chief innovation Officer, 3CLogic

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