Aegis is a leading global business services provider focused on customer experience management services and tools. With 46 locations in nine countries and 40,000+ employees, the company delivers customer-facing services including contact centres, business analytics and CRM for a wide range of industries including financial services and healthcare. It manages half-a-billion customer interactions annually on behalf of 150 clients.

Many global companies outsource vital customer-facing services to trusted third parties. Headquartered in India, Aegis provides critical contact centre business services and tools to such firms, enabling them to cost effectively market and cross-sell products while enhancing customer loyalty.

A vital Aegis service is its ability to archive call recordings for highly regulated clients. It must meet compliance requirements by securely retaining those call recordings for at least seven years. Historically, it relied on a decentralised in-house infrastructure consisting of 10 network attached storage platforms at local Aegis offices. This had many drawbacks:

Time consuming to manage, the 10 separate platforms each required separate licensing, maintenance, and backup – reducing the efficiency of the Aegis IT team.

There were scalability challenges in terms of expensive purchase and support for backend applications and uncertainty of storage hardware delivery timelines to address growth

The decentralised system couldn’t guarantee the data availability and access reliability Aegis needed to meet its customers’ demanding SLAs

Aegis analysed the purchase of new in-house storage infrastructure to centralise its 10 platforms. It found that would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy and support over a five-year period.



Over 300 IT professionals deliver unbridled 24/7/365 support to the cloud storage infrastructure.



In choosing IZO™ Cloud Storage, Aegis gets a storage platform that is highly reliable, 24/7/365 available with secured access, benefiting from relentless global infrastructure investments made by Tata Communications.

A common Internet file system (CIFS) enables voice recordings to be shared and archived in the cloud. Data is automatically copied across multiple storage zones for full redundancy and security.

Tata Communications also provides fully-managed virtual firewalls to secure gateways and communications networks against cyber-threats. Point-to-point Tata Communications Internet Connectivity – a must for optimal always-available networks characterised by ultra-low latency – has also been deployed.

Key to this exceptional performance is the full-service commitment provided by Tata Communications. Over 300 IT professionals deliver unbridled 24/7/365 support to the cloud storage infrastructure.

Therefore, if an issue should strike unexpectedly, the Tata Communications support team immediately expedites a solution. “Tata Communications support services are the best there is,” says Ganapathy. “They respond quickly if there’s an issue. Responses are instantly escalated to ensure our data is always safe. With Tata Communications IZO™ Cloud Storage we’re confident of meeting demanding client archiving SLAs.”



Aegis delivers critical customer experience management services and tools for over 150 global clients. To meet their compliance requirements, the company is required to securely archive critical contact centre voice recordings for as long as seven years.

However, its localised in-house infrastructure could no longer meet those ever-growing storage needs. Rather than incur significant capital expenditure for a storage system refresh, Aegis turned to Tata Communications. With IZO™ Cloud Storage the company now enjoys:

  • Reduced capital expenditure and operating costs estimated at 60 per cent over a five-year period by replacing its in-house storage infrastructure
  • Significant savings from pay-as-you-go billing
  • Increased scalability to quickly meet future storage needs

Additionally, storage environment availability of 99.999 per cent is supported 24/7/365 by the Tata Communications services team to maintain critical archiving performance.


“Our IT organisation now spends little time on maintenance because we rely on Tata Communications to do what’s required. Their servers are always on and performing, which means we can sleep at night.” Ganapathy Subramaniyan, CIO, AEGIS