ALTBalaji goes borderless with IZO™Cloud Storage for rapid online content expansion

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ALTBalaji is India’s only subscription based video-on-demand service offering original and exclusive shows across various Indian languages. It provides programmes covering genres like drama, romance, comedy, horror, thriller, animations, and edutainment, and provides a curated selection of feature films.

ALTBalaji needed scalable storage for its rapidly growing digital content archive. Building and managing that in-house would have been complex and capital intensive. So a cloud-based approach was evaluated and a Tata Communications’ solution was chosen.


Storage volume has already increased to 400TB and will continue to rapidly expand as ALTBalaji adds to its content archive.



The Tata Communications’ solution features IZO™ Cloud Storage linked to the ALTBalaji data centre and content distribution platform over dedicated optical fibre. This perfect blend offers class-leading resilience, limitless scalability, easy access in a LAN environment, and no data transfer/retrieval charges.

IZO™ Cloud Storage is a value proposition that enables borderless growth. It is housed across multiple Tata Communications global data centres for high availability and can be scaled-up or scaled-down virtually instantly as demand changes. This flexibility has a huge advantage over an in-house solution, where equipment provisioning lead times and costs can impose a huge burden.

Business continuity is guaranteed, thereby managing business risk. Tata Communications ensures all data is backed-up all the time in its private cloud locations. Automatic failover assures continued data access in the event of a serious issue.



The primary Tata Communications IZO™ Cloud Storage environment is located near the ALTBalaji headquarters in Mumbai. “To speed content transfer, Tata Communications allowed us physical access to its data centre so we could directly upload fifty terabytes,” says Nikunj Karia. “This saved a month and got us off to a great start.” That storage volume has already increased to 400TB and will continue to rapidly expand as ALTBalaji adds to its content archive.

Not having to manage the infrastructure and execute daily back-ups relieves the IT team of day-to-day duties. The saving is equivalent to an extra person concentrating their attention on more strategic initiatives.

The Tata Communications solution has huge operational benefits too. A 24/7 support operation proactively keeps things running. Nikunj Karia sums up: “I have a single point of contact for all our needs as well as access to a solutions architect who understands our business. Overall we’re very happy with the quality of service and the relationship.”

Finally, there are possibilities for further collaboration. For example, the Tata Communications optical connection to the ALTBalaji data centre could provide cost-effective links to other Tata Communications services like internet access or WAN connectivity.

The service has performed well with 100 per cent uptime. “The feedback from our internal users has been very positive,” says Nikunj “It’s fast and reliable and people can manage their own data without having to involve IT. That’s so much more efficient.”


“The cost of equivalent network connectivity from other providers is multiple times higher than with Tata Communications.”

Nikunj Karia, Head of Technology Infrastructure, ALTBalaji



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