Client Instant Access


Client Instant Access, a major provider of conferencing, dialling and messaging services found that globalisation and the sheer popularity of its offer was fuelling worldwide demand for its products and services. However, a complex mix of point-to-point TDM circuits and physical servers in inflexible data centres meant that the company lacked the agility to address an exploding market.


Instead of the 30 business days originally quoted, IZO™ Private Connect was delivered in 15 business days.



Tata Communications product management and delivery teams carried out extensive proof of concept testing. This convinced Client Instant Access to proceed with the deployment of IZO™ Private Connect to carry its voice services – a network first.

With that success, Tata Communications Ethernet and MPLS services were used to link Tata Communications Global SIP Connect with Client Instant Access voice services in the US. With multiple Client Instant Access service layers, those secure Tata Communications VPN connections can instantly invoke new voice features like multi-party audio conferencing.

The transition to IZO™ Private Connect hybrid cloud platform was smooth and demanded little from the Client Instant Access team. Tata Communications handled everything from beginning to end.

Tata Communications uses structured service delivery with automated systems managing remote resources for circuit orders. Brad Schwartz, Information Technology Project Manager at Client Instant Access says: ““Even if there’s a delay, they have an excellent method for reaching out to those resources and making sure everything goes at the pace we need it to. Issues at the top of our priority list are unfailingly escalated, which gives us peace of mind.”


With IZO™ Private Connect, the company has seen effort on troubleshooting customer issues plummet. That saves the IT team significant amounts of time, which it can use to focus on value-added activities.

“Migrating into the cloud significantly reduces costs by eliminating the need to maintain physical servers and data centres.” Brad adds. “The ability to rapidly provision voice services across the globe is invaluable. The Tata Communications global presence really complements that.”

Instead of the 30 business days originally quoted, IZO™ Private Connect was delivered in 15 business days. Virtual servers in the Amazon cloud also cut costs as well as the delays of sourcing physical servers. Consequently, time to market has been cut from months to days, so Client Instant Access can astound its clients with speedy service provision.

“We have full confidence we can scale to meet demand in virtually any timescale our clients throw at us,” says Brad. The improvements in reliability, speed and scalability that IZO™ Private Connect enables have brought significant returns on investment. Client Instant Access saw an almost 20 per cent increase in usage in the quarter following the deployment, thanks to an evolved customer experience and more improvements are expected to follow.

“Our capacity to expand what we have and add more systems to handle a far greater number of calls is simply amazing. That level of flexibility is wonderful.”

Jose Chavez, Network Administrator, Client Instant Access