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DRVR case study

Tata Communications MOVE™ and Microsoft Azure combine to bring IOT-based fleet intelligence innovation.

Case study

DRVR case study


Speed to market is precious for DRVR, a rapidly growing start-up company. With a business model dependent on reliable mobile data, managers were spending their lives trying to negotiate data roaming deals with mobile network operators in different countries. And, even then, service quality was a constant concern.



Instead, DRVR selected the Tata Communications MOVE™ network to help meet its key objective of offering customers outstanding service levels irrespective of where they are. Meanwhile, the big data software engine at the centre of the DRVR solution runs in the Microsoft Azure cloud.



With Tata Communications there’s network choice, which means DRVR always gets seamless connectivity using the best available local mobile network. At the same time, the strong partnership between Tata Communications and Microsoft reinforces the DRVR born-in-the-cloud IoT-based business model.

“We selected Tata Communications as they made it easy to partner with them. There were no up-front costs or complicated
compliance processes.”


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DRVR case study