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Gammon is the largest civil engineering construction company in India and has diversified itself into areas including infrastructure management, transmission lines and power sector.

As a constantly evolving business, Gammon found itself suffering from limitations with its existing VSAT network, which was manifesting itself in poor connectivity between project locations, leading to overrun times in projects and resulting financial losses.

The company was aware that it needed to make a cultural change within the organisation, to enable high-speed connectivity to all project sites, as well as for greater collaboration between teams, it simply didn’t know how to achieve this on its own.

30% cost savings and greater efficiency due to the reduced need of travel for employees



Gammon turned to Tata Communications to help solve the problem and provide a solution that would add greater flexibility to their business and allow collaboration in even the most remote of locations.

This was achieved by the addition of a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) connectivity solution that allows for data-carrying over for high-performance telecommunications networks. This solution was applied to around 100 Gammon project sites across India.

Alongside this, new VSAT services were implemented to connect the remaining 25% of sites beyond reach of the MPLS solution.

To aid collaboration on the ground and reduce the cost of employees physically needing to visit projects, extensive video conferencing facilities were implemented at each project site, typically within six weeks.



The cost savings of the project speak for themselves, as 30% cost savings and greater efficiency due to the reduced need of travel for employees have been made.

Video conferencing has helped break down silos, encouraged teamwork and boosted productivity, with collaboration increasing between 10 and 80% on all projects.

Alongside this combination of cost savings and employee efficiencies, Gammon has also been able to reach faster project realisation targets, enabling the business to be more agile on the ground and complete projects quicker.

“Tata Communications has changed the way we work. There is ease of use, excellent video quality, bandwidth management and reliability. Our future success depends on our ability to collaborate effectively and we know Tata Communications has the capabilities to help get us there.”

A.P. Kamath

Group head-IT, Gammon India


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