IZO™ Private Cloud helps K7 minimise business risks


Uptime guarantees


OpEx savings


Monitoring and support


  • Performance and reliability – Downtimes can compromise its customers’ entire IT environment to online security threats
  • Scalability – Continual need to expand, maintain and upgrade its own physical storage demanded enormous space, investment and recurrent overheads
  • High security – Even miniscule data corruption, data loss or breach can spell disaster for a security services provider



  • IZO™ Private Cloud for secure storage of customer data as well as malware files for R&D
  • High speed internet link between K7 office and Tata Communications’ cloud for high speed data transfer and archiving
  • Isolated and separated server clusters for production and disaster recovery for real time data replication and zero data loss
  • 24/7 monitoring and support

“In this age of Internet of intrusions, offloading our tremendous store of data to IZO™ Private Cloud allows us to instantly scale up resources, as needed, and proactively safeguard our customers round-the-clock, with most up-to-date anti-malware, minimising the business risks.”

Gurumurthi A

Manager - IT, K7 Computing


  • IZO™ Private Cloud