KPIT Cummins

For KPIT Cummins, our OTT Network delivers cost-effective connectivity to offshore development teams

Case study

KPIT Cummins


KPIT Cummins is global technology and product engineering company that was looking for a solution to enhance customer experience and improve productivity across its business.

There were a number of challenges facing KPIT Cummins, which Tata Communications were able to identify and help solve. The company suffered from multiple suppliers offering site-to-site VPN services, making the management and monitoring of the service overly complex.

They also needed a global technology infrastructure that would allow them to better serve customers worldwide

Underpinning these changes was also the need for cost-effective connectivity to offshore development teams, as well as a solution to prohibitively expensive back-up connectivity that was causing provisioning issues to the organisation.



KPIT Cummins saw a 25% reduction in costs thanks to network consolidation and management



To help KPIT Cummins improve efficiency, Tata Communications implemented a managed Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) solution to carry data over its high-performance telecommunications networks and serving 20 offices.

The solution was integrated with existing IP telephony system, while an internet leased line service offering 100Mbps with dual last-mile redundancy, was also created.

On the ground, a 20-room telepresence video conferencing infrastructure was installed, along with the deployment of a video client application on devices for employees working on the move, helping enhance collaboration regardless of location.



KPIT Cummins has found that it now has greater accountability across its network due to the single vendor for fully managed solution.

At the same time, the business has seen a 25% reduction in running costs thanks to network consolidation, so helping improve efficiency, productivity and work flow.

Video conferencing capabilities have enabled a better customer experience, while improved collaboration facilities have seen a marked increase in productivity and efficiency. Inter-office communications are now free on-net, while the need for reduced travel of employees has further reduced costs.


“We’ve not yet seen downtime on any of the MPLS links from Tata Communications. It’s 100% reliable, with complete availability of services. What’s more we’ve seen a 20 – 25% reduction in costs.”

Mandar Marulkar, AVP, Head of IT and Chief Information Security Officer

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