MatexNet deploys Tata Communications’ managed hosting to improve productivity of its online auction business


MatexNet MHS case study


  • Overdue technology refresh of on-premise data centre involving space constraints, high cost of ownership and high maintenance overheads
  • Unyielding on-premise system unable to scale up with growing customer transactions and innovative applications, directly resulting in lost transactions and profit opportunities
  • Slow/interrupted website and application performance ensuing diminishing customer experience



  • Dedicate managed hosting services for secure high-value transactions
  • Data replication and disaster recovery for failover
  • High-speed network connectivity between MatexNet offices and DR environments to support instant bidding data exchanges and storage
  • 24/7 monitoring and management

“As online auctioneering is our mainstay, our success solely depends on our ecommerce performance. We need to continuously innovate and upgrade technology to provide top-of-the-line online auction experience to our customers. Tata Communications’ managed hosting provides a resilient, reliable, high performing platform to host and run these sophisticated applications, with enough room for growth and expansion, thus increasing the productivity and efficiency of our online operations.”

Srinivasan R, Senior Vice-President MatexNet