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SBI InstaCC Global Case Study

Omnichannel Contact Centre offers high net-worth customers anytime, anywhere access to relationship managers

Case study

SBI InstaCC Global Case Study


SBI identified approximately 200,000 customers qualifying for its newly-badged SBI Exclusif service aimed at HNIs. In fact a Credit Suisse report dated October 20151 estimates that global wealth is likely to continue its upward trend and could grow at an annual rate of 6.6 per cent.
SBI Spokesperson, says: “Always striving for better ways to serve our customers, we saw a tremendous opportunity. Our own analysis yielded a substantial business case for a wealth management service.”
SBI knew that HNIs make investment decisions based on factors like portfolio recommendations, anticipated returns and appropriate risk. But they also want a personalised customer experience with a choice of rapid-access channels.
A well-planned, quickly-executed programme would offer maximum competitive advantage. The bank needed an omnichannel contact centre for SBI Exclusif so HNIs could instantly communicate with their relationship managers (RMs). Video was the priority and the platform had to be optimised for mobile devices for anytime, anywhere service.
To meet the seemingly-impossible three month go-live schedule stipulated by SBI, which encompassed traditional festival seasons, Tata Communications assembled a skilled project management and service delivery team.


Tata Communications InstaCC GlobalTM is at the heart of the SBI ewealth centres. This cloud-based platform uses the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution for Contact Center. As a unified omnichannel system it combines high-quality service capabilities for a superior customer experience.
SBI Spokesperson says: “Tata Communications provided a pre-integrated omnichannel solution that tested well compared to others in the industry, which enables relationship managers to remotely help customers make investment decisions.”
The platform also delivers video, voice and chat communication with voice and screen recording of all communications. It seamlessly integrates with multiple internal SBI systems, including website and mobile apps, for a full service capability. The resulting SBI Exclusif platform drives high performance omnichannel communication between HNIs and RMs in ewealth centres across India.


While it serves over 300 million customers with a wide range of products and services, the prestigious State Bank of India (SBI) knew it needed to more comprehensively address the needs of high net-worth individuals (HNIs). SBI
chose the Tata Communications cloud-based contact centre solution, InstaCC Global™, for its SBI Exclusif wealth management initiative.
Helping HNIs minimise risk by maximising investment opportunities, the SBI Exclusif launch achieved some notable milestones:

  • With the Tata Communications delivery and engineering team’s support, it was deployed in just 90 days
  • 200 new wealth management customers were recruited within the first month
  • 1st omnichannel cloud contact centre in the Indian banking sector
  • 1st Cisco Remote Expert Mobile video cloud contact centre deployment in India

Channels available to SBI Exclusif customers include video, voice and chat with co-browsing. The infrastructure is highly-secure, while scalability and availability is assured through redundancy and duplication of system elements.

“Tata Communications’ InstaCC GlobalTM delivers a true omnichannel experience on smart devices anywhere. In our book, that’s our number one consideration because it’s so beneficial for our HNI customers.”


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SBI InstaCC Global Case Study