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Vega Global Case Study

Vega Global and Tata Communications help property management group bring far-flung Asia Pacific divisions together like next-door neighbours

Case study

Vega Global Case Study


This Asia Pacific-based property management group needed to find a way to improve co-ordination between its far-flung divisions, to cut down on the wasted time and excessive cost of frequent travel to face-to-face meetings


A multi-level collaboration platform created by the Vega Global and Tata Communications partnership uses a combination of hosted Skype for Business, Cisco TelePresence and Global SIP Connect to get the company’s far-flung people working together as if at adjacent desks.


With faster, better-informed decision-making, everyone’s productivity is racing ahead. At the same time, air travel time and costs have been slashed and positive environmental effects are being realised. Finally, cybersecurity is assured groupwide and beyond with GSIGS.

“All partnerships ought to work in a seamless and mutually supportive fashion. That’s what we do with Tata Communications, which is the fundamental reason behind our growing number of joint customers.”

Angeline Tan, Executive Director, Vega Global

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Vega Global Case Study