W-Locate Case Study

Escaping local service providers inflexibility, W-Locate chose Tata Communications for assured connectivity and coverage.

Case study

W-Locate Case Study


As an IoT start-up, W-Locate found problems getting the attention of local MNOs in countries where it wished to operate. Even when it did, their inflexibility and high prices impaired its business model. Furthermore, with rocketing growth a public cloud service was becoming an overly-expensive data storage option.


Providing seamless access to over six-hundred Tier 1 mobile network operators, the Tata Communications MOVE™ IoT Connect service offered affordable easy reach into southeast Asian target territories, along with assured mobile network availability. When twinned with IZO Private Cloud for big data storage, the Tata Communications solution was irresistible.


W-Locate IoT solutions are operational across five countries and its customers get great confidence from the strength of the Tata Communications brand. Now, W-Locate offers the best signals everywhere at the most competitive rate with MOVE™. And savings from the adoption of IZO™ Private Cloud are releasing cash for new product development.

“We always inform our end customers that Tata Communications is our connectivity and cloud partner. The strength of the brand is very reassuring to them.”


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