The secret to innovation isn’t a secret.

A makeshift office, a few laptops, and a small group of hackers working face-to-face day in and day out to build something new. It’s a recipe for innovation that global-company CIOs spend millions to replicate across teams that include thousands and span continents – and frequently with disappointing results.

How to make collaboration scale

Collaboration platforms are frequently closed – limited to users who are on the network or part of an already-existing workgroup – creating barriers to collaboration beyond the confines of an org chart. Steep learning curves to project management systems, expensive upfront investments in high-definition videoconferencing, and a proliferation of chat, screen-sharing and conferencing applications that don’t interwork all create further barriers to the easy conversations that happen when team members are face-to-face.


The future is open and accessible

At Tata Communications, we believe the future of collaboration sits at the intersection of rich, contextual experiences and seamless interconnection. Collaboration should be as easy a swiveling an office chair or dialing a ten-digit phone number – no matter the platform or endpoint – but with the potential for richer, video-driven conversations, contextualization within a process or workflow, and seamless data-sharing at your fingertips.

“Collaboration is the key to increased business innovation success.”

—GE 2013 Global Innovation Barometer

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