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Sumeet Walia

EVP, Tata Communications & Chairman, CII-Tata Communications Centre for Digital Transformation

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce you to the inaugural edition of the DX Dialogue newsletter from the CII-Tata Communications Centre for Digital Transformation - an initiative that will be the backbone of a revolution in the new India.


– a digital India. From being a primarily agrarian economy, we’ve been progressing rapidly to now set our sights on becoming a global, digital superpower. The time has come for India to move to the next level, to compete with the very best globally – and digital infrastructure and capabilities form an essential platform to build upon if we are to achieve this goal. India will be a $5 trillion economy by 2025, a milestone that’s approaching rapidly. But according to research from the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Indian enterprises need to embrace advanced technology solutions to leverage this tremendous growth fully.


To this end, CII has outlined an ambitious digital transformation initiative to empower India's business ecosystem – and they were in need of a strategic partner who could bring in the right digital expertise and capabilities to realise this objective. I am delighted to say that CII has put its faith in Tata Communications for our capabilities and proven track record of global excellence and created the CII-Tata Communications Centre for Digital Transformation.


With national initiatives like ‘Digital India’, we’re already taking the right steps. As per a recent report, by 2020, as many as 650 million Indians will have internet access. India’s future depends on the quality of original research and innovation coming from its youth. Facilitated by the Centre, we launched The Grand India IoT Innovation Challenge, which aims to nurture their ideas and creative thinking by giving young Indians the stage to apply their academic knowledge to practical scenarios. We’ve shared a detailed report on this exciting event in this issue.


Apart from representing the Indian technology sector at events like the India Norway Business Seminar 2019, the Centre also hosted the National Public Procurement Conclave 2018, the CII Award for Customer Obsession, the Artificial Intelligence India Summit 2019, and the Smart city consultants workshop among others. The Centre’s goal is to bring together key policy makers, business voices and technology innovators to spark thought-provoking conversations.


It’s important to note here that with the CII-Tata Communications Centre for Digital Transformation, the span of focus goes far beyond the realm of large corporations – it also includes small and medium enterprises, plus local communities too. From a bank in need of flawless cybersecurity to a trader who demands seamless connectivity to run user-friendly business applications, the CII-Tata Communications Centre for Digital Transformation encompasses all. With that in mind, the Centre will shortly launch a new digital CMM survey and report, as well as a digital skill building initiative.


The CII-Tata Communications Centre for Digital Transformation’s chief aim is to create an enabling ecosystem leveraging the power of digital to ignite growth for India. This will need participation from all stakeholders – the government, MSME’s, large enterprises and solutions providers. This bi-monthly newsletter will help nurture that participation – featuring guest blogs from highly respected industry thought leaders who will share their insights. Our ‘News from the Centre’ section will brief you on the latest projects and updates from the Centre, while our technology news section will keep you synced with all developments in the fast-paced world of technology. We’ll also include a section which shares real digital transformation stories to inspire you. And, of course, we’d also like to hear from you to discover what you expect from the Centre.


We are committed to delivering excellence as always, and I say with all confidence that the future looks highly promising for a new India – a digital India.

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