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Transform visibility, cut losses and reduce capex with IoT-powered Asset Tracking

Access actionable data from anywhere at any time. Communicating via our dedicated LPWA network, state-of-the-art sensors can track the history – as well as keep you in the real-time picture – relating to all your valuable business assets.

Solution Benefits:

  • Increase inventory accuracy
  • Reduce asset loss
  • Increase in staff and labour efficiencies
  • Increase in inventory utilisation and reduction of misuse
  • Reduction in time location and stock cycle counts
  • Prevention of revenue loss from theft/movement of revenue generating asset
  • Meeting compliance mandates through automated inventory audit reports


Use Cases

Container / pallet monitoring
Valuable consignments can be vulnerable when in transit or storage at busy airports and harbours. View their status 24/7/365, receive security alerts and integrate data with other supply chain functions.


Geo-location and theft alert
Fixed industrial equipment – such as electrical transformers – are a risk both from an operational and safety angle, as well as a high value capital loss. Asset Tracking sensors can not only confirm the location under normal operations, but also assist in pursuit and recovery in the event of theft.