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Boost productivity and ensure well-being of the workforce with safety wearables and analytics

The Internet of Things isn’t solely about objects, it’s about people – a smart opportunity to take your workers’ protection and well-being to the next level. Our scalable, health and safety IoT solutions combine wearables and analytics to proactively avoid hazards before they’re a threat to life – and your bottom line.

Solution Benefits:


  • Real-time tracking of the vitals of each worker with automated alerts in case of anomalies.
  • Automated fall, height and immobility alerts and 2-way SoS triggers


  • The solution provides real time tracking of workers
  • Opportunities to identify, optimize and automate processes such as attendance, worker distribution across plant
  • Identify policy deviations leading to higher productivity and lower risks


  • Ability to track in real-time the location of each worker (including elevation) and proximity to hazardous locations
  • Forecasting to enable immediate action in emergency situations
  • Predictive analysis for forecasting contingencies/mitigating risk with actionable insights
  • Enhanced ability to achieve regulatory compliance
  • Complete Data Control


Use Cases

Worker in elevated positions:
A high-risk worker such as a crane operator has fever, or has anomalous heart-beat (too low or high). The system sends an automated alert to his supervisor that this particular worker has a health issue which needs to be investigated.


Worker in Isolated location:
A worker feels uneasy during course of his work. An alert is sent to the worker’s supervisor-if he presses the SoS button, if he trips and falls (fall detection) or if he has an accident and faints (immobility trigger). In normal operation, every 10 minutes the device sends the data on – heart rate, body skin temperature, last known proximity etc.


Check on unauthorised access:
A particular area in the plant is restricted-access and hence a BLE beacon is placed there – If an unauthorized worker enters that area, an alert is sent to the supervisor