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Bring in precision and cost effectiveness to drive customer satisfaction with remote environment monitoring

As the world becomes increasingly connected, the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we interact with the environment around us. Where manual readings of temperature and humidity are subject to error and come with significant manpower costs, innovations in the IoT are providing new opportunities for enterprises to streamline their operations.

Tata Communications’ Environment Monitoring provides a temperature and humidity sensing solution that records real-time data automatically, enabling you to take corrective action quickly and without disruption to your customers.


Solution benefits:

  • Act quickly to keep to mission-critical SLAs – and boost customer satisfaction in the process
  • Use the dashboard to monitor consumption and gain valuable insights into your customers
  • Achieve regulatory compliance and offer better service levels
  • Take immediate action during cold chain failures
  • Reduce costly errors from manual readings and data entry, and limit the disruption to customers from these visits
  • Keep maintenance costs to a minimum with a battery that lasts for years



Use Cases

Data centre monitoring
Monitor the temperature and humidity of your data centres to ensure the optimal environment at all times.


Cold storage
Whether it’s monitoring perishable goods in the chiller, or goods on the go in freezer containers, temperature and humidity sensing provides invaluable control over your cold food supply chain.


Ambient temperature monitoring
Ensure your customers or visitors are comfortable, with temperature monitoring in large, enclosed spaces – such as airports or metro stations.