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Harness the power of Smart Lighting to dramatically reduce energy consumption

With 20% of India’s power consumed by lighting, forward-thinking enterprises are switching on to the possibilities the Internet of Things (IoT) can bring. Tata Communications’ Smart Lighting delivers remote control of street lighting across entire cities –offering significant savings over and above the savings offered by transition from traditional lighting to LED lighting.

Embedded sensors with LoRa technology enable the central control of lighting networks, with real-time analytics delivering maintenance alerts and business-critical data on consumption patterns.


Solution benefits:

  • Safety advantages of a reliable, reactive system
  • Reduced electrical energy consumption on account of automation of lights
  • Easy implementation and fast scaling to city-wide deployments
  • Rich, real-time data to detect faults, thefts or dead lamps – driving customer satisfaction through increased service levels and reducing maintenance costs
  • Leading connectivity SLAs and LED Lamp Metering, which measures consumption per light to easily identify faulty bulbs



Use Cases

With the power of our LoRa technology, city managers can maintain remote access and control over street lights across the city.


When safety is paramount and energy efficiency critical, use our Smart Lighting Solution to dim your street lights – reducing your carbon footprint and keeping your students feeling secure. Additional tamper alerts deter against theft or vandalism and protect your asset investments.