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Bring your last mile utilities accounting into the digital age with Automated Metering Solutions (AMS)

Say goodbye to the operational and cost inefficiencies of manual utilities metering with AMS. Our comprehensive APIs and integrated network, combined with a powerful IoT platform and application, make light work of tracking gas, electricity and water consumption without human intervention. The result? Accurate, automated billing plus deeper supply and demand insights to shape your future planning.


Solution Benefits:

Benefits to utility

  • Automated smart reading that avoids labour-intensive manual metering and inaccuracies
  • Reduced manual billing intervention that helps rapid, scaled deployments
  • Greater customer satisfaction through reduced meter reading intrusion
  • Better reconciliation between distribution points and end customers leading to improved purchase planning/loss tracking
  • Improved working capital by allowing quarterly or semi-monthly accounts to be converted to monthly billing
  • Prevention of revenue loss from theft/movement of revenue generating asset
  • Reduced customer complaint calls and increased customer satisfaction
  • Monitoring tampering and theft
  • Easy integration with billing systems and third-party software
  • Low maintenance – smart unit battery lasts for years
  • End-to-end data security
  • Consumption and customer insights highlighted through interactive dashboard
  • Direct communication with base stations eliminates capex intensive Data Concentrator Units (DCUs) used by other smart solutions– like RF based solutions which need DCUs


Use Cases

As a utility provider, keep a close remote eye on real-time demand – configuring your resources around accurate historic and informed, projected demand patterns. The customer experience is improved too as water, electricity and gas consumers are better informed about their consumption pattern and how they can efficiently use the utilities throughout the year.

Water metering
Water metering use case requires a battery powered device only. Needs Low power sensors for long field life.


Energy metering
In Energy metering, there is value in capturing multiple energy parameters like power factor, voltage, current, frequency etc.


Gas metering
Gas metering use case requires a battery powered device only. Needs Low power sensors for long field life. It is essential to minimize meter reading intrusion to customer (as gas meters are located inside homes)