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A smarter way to connect with your customer at the touch of a button

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we interact with both our environment and each other. And for companies looking to get ahead, it offers a unique way to get closer to their customers. Tata Communications’ Smart Feedback can be customised to deliver a range of customer service and feedback mechanisms – capturing data in real time to streamline your operations and enhance the experience of your customers.

Whether you’re an appliance company servicing customer requests, or are in the service sector gathering feedback to shape your future strategy, Tata Communications’ Smart Feedback will help provide a superior customer experience.


Solution benefits:

  • Lower manpower costs for your administration and customer services – including direct savings on call management through the reduction of lengthy service calls
  • Increased levels of customer satisfaction, thanks to faster, more efficient service
  • Real-time performance monitoring against leading SLAs
  • Additional brand marketing at minimal cost, and an edge over the competition
  • Enhanced revenue potential with improved cash flows and repeat orders



Use Cases

Smart office
From calling a cab to logging an issue with the office vending machines, Smart Feedback are a simple way to increase efficiency and reduce operational costs. While gathering employee feedback on your facilities boosts engagement – and ultimately productivity. This ticket-based service makes the office a smarter place to work.


Restaurant chains
For food franchises, Smart Feedback make it easy to stay one step ahead. Gather feedback on everything from the quality of the food to the service of your staff across your franchise network, and act quickly to improve customer satisfaction.


Public bathrooms
Leverage the instant feedback capabilities of Smart Feedback to monitor the cleanliness of public facilities across regions, tracking performance and making improvements to increase hygiene and revenue levels.