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Download IDC’s report – sponsored by Tata Communications – and formulate your infrastructure transformation strategy

IT infrastructure has long been a critical foundation for modern businesses. But ensuring performance and availability has never been more important. Over time, enterprise IT has had to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape – evolving through dedicated infrastructures, server virtualisation, orchestrated private clouds, public clouds and hybrid cloud/multicloud models.


But what’s right for your business’s critical and non-critical workloads? We’ve identified the key ingredients that your enterprise should be considering to help deliver infrastructure transformation:

  • A collective assessment of on-premise and off-premise tiers – along with economic, health, performance and utilisation analytics of each
  • A flexible, composable compute and storage resource pool for your current and next generation apps – regardless of premise – able to measure consumption on a ‘pay per use’ model
  • A comprehensive and scalable ‘infrastructure as code’ API toolkit that enables methodologies such as DevOps across your entire organisation – shifting focus from managing infrastructure to accelerating app delivery


IDC’s deep study on the evolution of IT infrastructure models ‘Transforming Enterprise IT in the Digital World’ offers clear insight into what your next generation outlook should be – to help plan a robust infrastructure transformation strategy.