What is the next big thing?

Explore the results of the Future of Collaboration hackathon.

The technology industry has come up with a myriad of collaboration tools over the past two decades, ranging from high-definition telepresence to beautifully designed group project management environments. These tools are meant to make it easier for people to collaborate across space and time, but what most share is a failure to gain widespread adoption. Instead, teams revert to audio conference calls or emailing around docs and updates as the “at-hand” and universally available tools of choice, despite the obvious limitations
of both.


Over 40 teams totaling nearly 200 developers joined us in Silicon Valley to build their vision for the next generation of collaboration tools, with ideas to transform enterprise productivity, software development, online learning and social networking.

“CEOs now see technology primarily
as an enabler of collaboration and relationships—those essential connections that fuel creativity
and innovation.”

—IBM Global CEO Study, 2012


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