About Tata Communications

Tata Communications is one of the world’s leading providers of the connectivity and infrastructure that enable today’s collaboration and communication tools, and is at the forefront of making tomorrow’s innovations more connected and ubiquitous.

Round-the-world cable ring

We own and operate over 210,000 km subsea and terrestrial cable, 1 million square feet of data center space, and 25% of the world’s lit international bandwidth capacity. With 3500 petabits of traffic crossing our IP backbone each month, that’s the equivalent to downloading the entire Library of Congress six times every hour.

Making conversations happen

We’re also the world’s largest wholesale provider of international voice and mobile roaming services, interconnecting over 1600 voice and mobile providers to exchange over a billion minutes of international voice traffic every week. With our Global Meeting Alliance, we’re making business video networks around the world more interconnected as well.


Partner for innovation

As the Official Connectivity Provider of Formula 1™ and Official Web Hosting and Content Delivery Network Provider of Formula1.com, Tata Communications sets up and tears down 100Mb circuits for each of the season’s 20 races, while handling an influx of 7 million web visitors on race days. This instant, high-bandwidth connectivity enables richer, realtime collaboration between teams and their factories, and a more immediate experience for remote fans.


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