The Future of Collaboration Hackathon

Nearly 200 developers. 40 great ideas. Over $50k in prizes.

First Prize – Interactive Place

Amitesh Madhur, Sathya Narayanan Nagarajan and Seetharamakrishna Madamsetti (Bangalore)

Second Prize – demobo Berry

Jeff – Jie Lin, JiaHao Li, Lap K Chan, Shawn Wang, Guangyu Xu and Qucheng Gong (Silicon Valley)

Third Prize – Dev + Join

Neerhaj N Joshi, Prince Jain and Nilabh Pandey (Bangalore)

Best US-India Collaboration – Jarvis ++

Mani Doraisamy (Silicon Valley) and Boobesh Ramalingam (Bangalore)

Best Business Model – Robertzon

Brian S. Darby (Silicon Valley)

Best Education App – Reader

Paras Jain and Ajay Jain (Silicon Valley)


Formula 1 Tickets –

Raphie Palefsky-Smith (Silicon Valley)

Best Implementation of Twilio API - Bounce

Sonia Oster, Steve Carey and Tony Tam (Silicon Valley)

Honorable Mentions

Vishwanath B S and Vinod CG (Bangalore)

Ankur Agarwal, Vivek Rp and Venkata Thippanna Rao (Bangalore)

Wen-Sao Hong, Tze-Hsiang (Stan) Lin and Jui-Chung Wu (Silicon Valley)

Christoph Auer-Welsbach and Sean Dunford (Bangalore) | @tata_comm |

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