Research is the foundation of knowledge and learning. Join us in the conversation.

Research is a window into the future, and an intrinsic part of our corporate mission. Through systematic examination and analysis of technologies, markets and trends, we’re both contributing to important issues within our industry and helping to define a New World of CommunicationsTM.

Research projects cover a range of timely topics and critical questions which also connect to development teams across Tata Communications. From time to time, we will share our research findings with you here. In addition, we generate a number of whitepapers and e-books examining various aspects of current trends within communications and networking. 

Our first surveys and reports focus on public perceptions about the Internet ("Where does the Internet come from?") and corporate satisfaction with the cloud ("Has the cloud lived up to the hype?").

We trust that you will find our research and insights valuable, and we welcome further discussions with you and your teams about these pivotal issues, as we work together to shape the future of global business communications.