How Mobile VoIP Works

Mobile VoIP provides your customers with all the communications they need, without the complexity.

Discover A Broad Range of Benefits with Mobile VoIP

For the mobile service provider

  • Introduce and monetize chat, messaging, and other integrated communication tools
  • Increase ARPU and decrease customer churn through delivering a better user experience
  • Generate incremental revenue with free on-net and more affordable off-net voice calls
  • Benefit from a fully white label offering, which provides a feature set that matches or exceeds that of popular mobile VoIP applications
  • Take an intermediate step to deploy mobile VoIP and converged communications

For your customers

  • Integrated set of communications capabilities delivered via a single app
  • Users can easily see who is available and the easiest way to contact them
  • Enhanced collaboration through features such as file sharing and video conferencing
  • Ability to join a community of on-net users for a better user experience
  • Address book contacts are automatically visible, with the ability to sync contacts in a user’s Facebook and Google+ social network accounts
  • Ability to use Wi-Fi to make calls