Our targeted network security services effectively protect the most vulnerable points in your network and IT infrastructure.

Successfully defending against cyber attack requires continuously monitoring and effectively managing network traffic. Our Network, Application and Data Protection Controls can expertly manage some or all of your security infrastructure, as well as provide additional protections you may not currently have in place.

Managed Advanced Malware Protection Service (mAMPS)

Today’s hacker is focused on stealing money, intellectual property, identities, state secrets and more. Their weapon of choice is APT (advanced persistent threat) based malware that’s often undetectable by signature-based defences. APTs call for a dedicated mitigation platform, and our Managed Advanced Malware Protection Service (mAMPS) is ideal for forward-thinking organisations that require protection from unknown and evolving attacks vectors. The service provides you with greater command and control, outstanding net­work visibility and the power to set more granular policies. 

Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM)

We offer a fully managed security incident and event monitoring service that automatically gathers data from key points throughout your network. We correlate, analyse, and transform that data into a manageable stream to identify threats prioritised to the level of risk. Our methodology is optimised to eliminate false positives and negatives to provide a high level of accuracy in identifying a wide range of intrusion and security incidents.

Firewall-UTM Management

Firewall monitoring and management

Effective monitoring and management of your enterprise firewall is critical to safeguarding your organisation’s security. As threats grow more sophisticated, the skills needed to counter these attacks are increasingly in short supply. As a result, effective firewall management can be difficult and costly for your organisation to maintain. 

Our managed firewall services provide customised, around-the-clock firewall protection at a fraction of the cost of an in-house solution. With years of network security experience, our specialists keep your enterprise ahead of the threat curve, allowing you to free valuable resources for other strategic initiatives. Whether you use Cisco, Checkpoint, Fortinet, Juniper, ISS or another popular security platform, depend on us for a comprehensive monitoring and management solution.  

Unified Threat Management

To deliver the highest possible level of security for your network, our Managed Unified Threat Management (mUTM) service protects you with multiple layers of security. It combines firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, web filtering, anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-spyware into a single security platform. This unified approach defends against a wide range of blended attacks, including viruses, Trojans, spyware and other malicious threats. Through advanced remote monitoring, our security experts manage your UTM devices to provide end-to-end reporting and log forensic analysis of security events, giving you the most efficient and effective all-in-one, multi-threat solution possible.

Managed Authentication

According to a recent survey, 93% of large enterprises suffered a security breach in 2013. While some have implemented new security measures, many enterprises are still falling behind today’s determined adversaries. Utilising advanced methodologies, our Managed Authentication services protect your network from these damaging intrusions with a proven two-factor authentication system that positively identifies users connecting to your network. Through a combination of unique personal identification numbers and randomly generated tokens, each user is fully authenticated before being granted access. In addition, hard and soft token options give you the flexibility of choosing between self-installed token software and a fully-managed physical device.

DDoS Detection and Mitigation

The largest Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack ever seen hit the internet in March 2013. Even more ominous, during Q1 2013, enterprises were the target of 35% of all attacks – a 14% increase from the previous quarter (Akamai State of the Internet Report). Clearly, every enterprise today must continually bolster its defenses against this type of attack. For organisations throughout the world, our DDoS Detection and Mitigation services have proven to be one of the most effective and efficient solutions. Using our network-based anomaly identification, notification, and mitigation system, we can effectively protect your servers and last-mile bandwidth, without disrupting normal, legitimate traffic.

Managed Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Our Managed Intrusion Detection and Prevention services are the solutions you need to effectively defend your network from both external and internal attacks. Our expert team continuously monitors your network, identifying and correlating all security events. This constant vigilance provides exceptional early-warning global threat visibility, event monitoring, and attack recognition and prevention.

Cloud Security Service

Virtual Firewall

Many enterprises with a mobile workforce and geographically distributed office locations are finding that our Virtual Firewall is the perfect firewall solution. Designed to replace or augment static security, our Virtual Firewall is a dynamic solution that’s not limited by a physical location or boundaries. We maintain and manage your firewall at our secure data centre saving you hardware, software and maintenance costs. In addition to giving you a flexible, responsive and effective security solution, our Virtual Firewall is easily scalable. 

Virtual UTM

Now you can eliminate the cost and complexity of maintaining your own in-house UTM device by going virtual with our Virtual Unified Threat Management (vUTM). Besides delivering tremendous savings in recurring operational, administration, and maintenance costs, our vUTM delivers all the security and features you expect from a fully integrated, multi-threat UTM device. As part of our complete suite of managed security offerings, it’s dependable, flexible, scalable, and expertly managed and monitored around the clock from our state-of-the-art Security Services Operation Centre (SSOC).