Video, audio, complex reference files – media organisations have a vast range of assets in a number of formats across the world. When it comes to harnessing and sharing those assets, you need to know exactly what is available, and search them in a way that meets your own requirements. 

Tata Communications’ Asset Management and Workflow System lets you access your assets from any location via a web interface. Using fully configurable metadata schema, the system enables you to set your own parameters to search by client or workflow. You can set up any number of fields to store, search and present your data in a way that suits you. And as the solution is part of our Media Ecosystem, it enables seamless global transport and management of content, letting you realise the rich benefits of IP and cloud as a managed service. 

"The way today’s millennials like to consume content, anytime, anywhere, on any device, is a far cry from the way their parents used to watch traditional TV just ten years ago. Yet, today’s millennials are tomorrow’s conventional family, with increasing demands for personalised, brilliant content. Tata Communications’ cloud based Media Ecosystem will arm us with the ability to accelerate time to market and bring richer content experiences to our viewers today and in the future." 
-Dr. Shan Chandrasekar, President and CEO of ATN