Broadcasting content to end-users across the globe presents a number of challenges. There are very few reliable providers available, and most don’t offer bundled services. You need a service that enables a fast turnaround, with a true end-to-end solution. 

Tata Communications provides a secure and reliable broadcasting service. As a pioneer in the field, we offer a superior solution, enabling uplinks on both vertical and horizontal polarisation. Ours is a committed information rate (CBR) service on all platforms, which means that the uplink data rate is always constant and quality assured at all times. And our Video Connect service means you can access a fully end-to-end solution from one single point. So you can completely outsource your broadcasting and deliver superior content to your end-users. 

"There are 10,000 kilometres and several time zones between the match locations, so we need a partner with the reach and capability in both Europe and Asia to distribute these matches internationally, , Working with Tata Communications will enable us to deliver a brilliant viewing experience for fans, as the best teams of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres battle it out on the pitch."
- Phillipe Spanghero, Director of SL Events