Timing is everything when transferring large volumes of media to production and broadcasting studios, remote facilities, and offices around the world. Content Ingest gives you the power you need to beat the clock. Designed as an on-demand file transfer service, it provides file transmission acceleration, in-transit security, and retry/resume facilities to assure timely media delivery.  

Built on our cutting-edge global fibre network, Content Ingest uses fast UDP protocols to create connections up to 40 times faster than FTP. As part of our Media Ecosystem, it’s also integrated with our cloud-based storage and archiving solutions to give you reliable and secure long-term media storage with fast and easy retrieval.

Whether you’re a large broadcaster or run a small content company, Content Ingest gives you major media company capabilities without making a large capital investment. And if you run a digital media company and manage all your content in the cloud, Content Ingest is a simple, easy and economical way to expand your capabilities.