Our premium quality video delivery service Video Connect provides up to four times the protected fibre paths for maximum reliability and security. Fully managed and monitored, the service connects you to many of the world’s main media hubs. 

Whether content originates from a playout suite, studio or live event, signals are transmitted over high-speed fibre on our DTM to the nearest Video Connect Point of Presence. No jitters, minimal latency, just reliable content. 

Broadcast Services is our superior platform that enables you to manage all your global uplink needs with one solution. Offering a committed information rate (CBR) service on all platforms, the uplink data rate is constant ensuring quality at all times. A dedicated satellite operations centre – offering 24/7/365 monitoring – optimises the customer experience. 

"It’s crucial that we’re able to bring our viewers action-packed, high-quality F1® racing experiences from Grands Prix around the world. And, as the way people experience F1® is constantly evolving thanks to technological advances that rely on superfast connectivity, there is scope for us to tap into Tata Communications’ global fibre network as we continue to drive innovation in F1® broadcasting" 
-Keith Lane, Director of Operations at Sky