Many content creators are turning to cloud-based services as a cost-effective option, only to end up paying the price of inferior quality and limited reach. With Tata Communications’ file transcoding service, you get all the benefits of cloud – with no caveats or compromises. 

Embedded within the Tata Communications Media Ecosystem, the service delivers broadcast-quality content on both live and file transcodes, in multiple formats. Backed by the Tata Communications global network and hosted in our data centre infrastructure, it gives you the flexibility, scalability and affordability of cloud – without sacrificing quality or reach. What’s more, transactional pricing means you only pay for what you use – with free test runs for non-standard configurations. 

"Tata Communications' simple, costeffective and intuitive service has meant that our shows are picked up, transformed to formats as required by our international customers and delivered to them in a seamless manner. Authorised content available for simulcast in high quality has meant more revenue for us while it discourages piracy."
- Rajasekharan Harikrishnan, Chief Technical Officer, Viacom18