Tata Communications MOVE platform enables the launch of rich device (IoT) and human, secure global connectivity services with unparalleled control over cost and quality. The solution comprises Access; Infrastructure; Subscriber Management; Device Management; APIs; Self-Service Portal and Billing. It provides a managed service environment, supplemented by select partner capabilities, ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness and time to market advantage.



Global Cellular IOT Connectivity

Tata Communications MOVE - IoT Connect enables global deployment of IoT services.

We provide a managed service platform, covering single and multi-country deployments. We take away operational complexity and reduce supply chain and deployment costs. Our technology creates a strong commercial foundation for you to create competitive advantage across a broad range of cross-border IoT services.

Tata Communications MOVE - MVNE

We can help your enterprise MVNO business enter the mobile market. As a worldwide provider of wholesale communications, we can enable your MVNO business both locally and globally with a complete MVNE managed service offering.

We also support Mobile Network Operators who want to manage their own MVNO programmes, or become an MVNO themselves in new territories.

Tata Communications MOVE – SIM Connect

Your mobile employees expect to have a seamless internet user experience regardless of their location or what device they are using. We support this need with a solution for global mobile network access, ensuring secure communications with low cost – regardless of location.

A combination of our 2nd SIM technology and global mobile network operator partnerships lets you connect any device to the Internet anywhere and at any time. Our network-agnostic mobile network as a service means that our SIMs can register onto any wireless network.